The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks is a nationwide fraternal organization of nearly one million men and women in over 2,000 Lodges in communities all across our country. Our organization was founded on the principles of charity, justice, brotherly love, fidelity, and belief in God.

We love our country and desire to preserve its cherished institutions, traditions, and values. We respect our neighbors and constantly seek to promote their well-being. We love and enjoy life and believe this enjoyment is increased by sharing it with family, friends and all with whom we connect.

For over 140 years, the B.P.O. Elks has been dedicated to serving our fellow citizens through Drug Awareness programs in our schools, Veterans Services, Scholarships, Youth Activities and much, much more.

Idaho State Elks Association’s state major project is Idaho Elks Rehab. The project’s charitable mission of philanthropy supports the work of not-for-profit physical rehabilitation providers, educators, and researchers throughout Idaho. Annual grants are awarded for state-of-the-art equipment, program development, staff educations, and research. Idaho Elks Rehab is advancing physical rehab in Idaho.

This site was designed to help you become familiar with what ISEA does as an organization for Elkdom, the 21 lodges that make up the ISEA, and for the great state of Idaho.

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Idaho State Elks Association 95th Annual Summer Convention
May 31 - June 3, 2017
Salmon Lodge #1620


Richard Fielding Checketts, 78, died Sunday, August 21st, 2016 peacefully his sleep at home.

Richard was preceded by his grandparents, parents, sister Marsha, brother-in-law Rick, his son Richard, his infant daughter Tracy, and many aunts and uncles. He is survived by his wife Barbara, his daughter-in-law Cheryl, his daughter Penney and her boyfriend Mike, his son Paul and his wife Carren, his grandchildren Athena Murray, Christopher Gaff, Alaxma Perez, Dusten Rehwalt, Jeffery Checketts, Ricky Checketts, Jason Checketts, Joseph Bruegeman, Cheyenne Gloe, Brittanie Checketts, his great-grandchildren Tristan Murray, Ashlyn Murray, Aiden Poole, many close friends and relatives, as well as countless other “adopted” children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren throughout the area.

Born April 3rd, 1938 in Ogden, Utah, to Jeanne and Lamar Checketts, Richard had a joyous and memorable childhood, but he sought to broaden his horizons when, in August of 1955, he enlisted in the United States Air Force. His view of the world, though, would soon be eclipsed, as he met his partner, soulmate, and love of his life, Barbara, while learning to become an Integrated Avionics Specialist at Scott AFB. Barbara Little became Barbara Checketts on September 12th, 1956, when the two were joined in marriage in Saint Charles, Missouri. They were blissfully married for almost 60 years, had two sons, Richard Lee and Paul Riley, and two daughters, Tracy Jeanne and Penney Marie.
In Richard’s early life, he frequently worked on his Aunt Jo’s ranch, where he developed his lifelong love of animals. After joining the Air Force, Richard attended basic training at Park’s AFB, near San Francisco and then technical school at Scott AFB, Illinois, where he met his wife, Barbara. Together, they moved around the world, their children in tow, moving first to RAF Wethersfield, England, then to Los Angeles Air Force Station, Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii, Clark Air Base in the Philippines, Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico, and nallyon to Mountain Home AFB in the winter of 1968. Soon after arriving in Idaho, Richard was sent overseas to Thailand in support of the Vietnam War, but he eagerly returned, and finished out his career with his family.

After serving his country for 22 distinguished years, Richard retired in February of 1977, choosing to remain in the town he came to call home. A few years before leaving the military, he and Barb opened two businesses, drawing from their passion for animals, and Richard’s knowledge of electronics. The Marquee Pet Store and the Marquee Electronics Repair Shop, were located in the heart of downtown Mountain Home for over 7 years. In 1976, while still serving on active duty, Richard joined the Mountain Home Police Department Reserve program in order to continue to serve the community he so loved. In 1979, Richard made the transition to full-time police officer, serving first as a Patrolman, then as a School Resource Officer, Detective, and eventually Lieutenant. Richard retired his badge in 1998, completing another 22 years of service to the public, but his dedication to the community did not stop there.

During Richard’s time with the Police, he also helped his wife, Barbara, operate the Elmore County Ambulance Service, and served as an Advanced EMT. He was a little league coach, and was also highly active with the Scouts, assisting whenever he could with Troop 57, where his leadership and dedication were recognized when he was inducted into the Brotherhood of the Order of the Arrow. He was a member of the American Legion for 12 years, and was an active member of the Benevolent and Protective Order of the Elks for 33 years, serving as Exalted Ruler between 1998 and 1999. He oversaw various community service programs, including fulfilling role of Chairman of the Elks scholarship committee, which awards scholarships to graduating Seniors. Even after retiring from the Police, he continued to aid his community by volunteering as a substitute teacher, and serving as a Trustee on the Mountain Home school board for 8 years, in an effort to further the prospects of our community children.

Richard was a wonderful, loving, caring husband, father, grandfather, uncle, and friend. He was an active leader in our community, and took great pride and joy in all aspects of his life. Particularly, though, he would often reminisce about working with the area’s youth, and how, years later, he would hear them tell stories about how his interest and concern for them helped turn them around at a critical point in their lives. He will be remembered dearly, and missed by all who knew him.

Elks Rehab
Idaho Elks Rehab awarded St. Luke’s Health Foundation a $2.15 million grant to support physical rehab services during the recent Idaho State Elks Association summer convention in Moscow. “Through the funding from this grant, St. Luke’s is helping Idaho Elks Rehab fulfill our mission of advancing physical rehab in Idaho,” said Robert Shaw, Chairman of the Board of Idaho Elks Rehab. “Providing this funding to the largest healthcare provider in Idaho will have a tremendous impact on patients needing rehab.” “This grant will allow St. Luke’s to continue to build upon the Elks’ 69-year legacy and tradition of providing exceptional physical rehabilitation services for Idahoans,” stated Kathy Moore, CEO, St. Luke’s West Region. Idaho Elks Rehab, the state project of the Idaho State Elks Association, officially made the transition last year from serving as a longtime operator of rehabilitation healthcare to a new emphasis of funding physical rehab across the state. The organization awards grants to not-for- profit rehab providers, educators and researchers throughout Idaho for state-of- the-art equipment and to support program development, staff education, and research.

For More Information, Contact Grant Jones
208-321-0030 office
208-724-3458 cell

This year, we are making a concerted effort to update our charities report for the state. Consequently, on Sept 1, I would like each of you to send Curt an email including the following information. Even if it is Zero, Curt needs the information. Unfortunately, while the information may have been recorded at local lodges, the information is also required from the ISEA by Grand Lodge and also the IRS. We as a state have not been doing a good job on this aspect for several years and we need to begin resolving this and other IRS reporting related issues. Thus, we need the following information from each of you.

Copy and paste the categories below and send it to Curt. His email is in the Cc line.

______ # Miles: Total mileage to and from functions, meetings, lodge visits and all other Elks involved visitations of a charitable nature
______ # Hours: Total hours spent travelling to meetings, functions, lodge visits etc. for charitable purposes.
______ # Hours: Total hours spend planning for, working on and attending above mentioned events
______ # Dollars: All Elks- Related long distance phone charges and postage for charitable purposes
______ # Dollars: All Major Project income and budget amounts not reported by individual lodges
______ # Dollars: All charitable donations at the District and State level
______ # Dollars: All out of pocked monies or association supplied budget funds expended for charitable purposes
______ # Dollars: Monies collected from charitable fund-raisers

Again, it is important this information is submitted (even if it is Zero) prior to September 1st. Use your totals up to that period. This request will be sent to you every quarter.

Benewah Community Hospital $1,000 Rehab Grant Summary

Benewah Community Hospital has written a proposal for the Idaho Elks Rehab Local Lodge Grant for a total of $1,000. We will use the IER (Idaho Elks Rehab) funds to build an outdoor obstacle course. Benewah Community Hospital sees a variety of patients; though the majority of them are individuals who work in the logging industry, and also those that work in a very physical demanding occupation. These individuals work long hours, through rough terrain, life heavy machinery, which requires a lot of physical stamina. Because of this, the facility’s Physical Therapy Department sees a variety of patients with varying degrees of injuries. Our goal is to help individuals return to the workforce in a short amount of time. In order to do this, our facility is in need of an environment that closely resembles the patients work environment. Currently, our budget does not hold out for this type of opportunity. Our facility would like to build an outdoor obstacle course that would strengthen their ability to return to work without further injuries. This environment would have equipment such as:

  • Half of a car to assist the patient’s in relearning the skill of getting in and out.
  • A set of chains with a spare tire. Most loggers have to throw chains over tires, or over parts of their truck. In order to do this, patients need to strengthen the muscles to continue doing this exercise.
  • Ramps at certain inclines built out of wood, with railings on either side to assist any patient in the strengthening and rebuilding of their muscles.
  • River rocks spread throughout a designated area for patients to practice walking on an uneven surface. Most of our patients despite their occupation, have to relearn the skill of walking on an uneven surface, especially with weakened muscles.
  • A balance beam or a large log to assist with the skill of stepping over large objects.

Again, most of our patients are in an environment where walking over large, uneven terrain becomes very difficult when you’ve had an injury & need to relearn the skill that once was second nature.

This outdoor obstacle course is a rich component for our Physical Therapy Department and something we will greatly benefit from. With your funding, it is important to us that we help our patients return to work with reduced injury & quicker recovery time.

Benewah Community Hospital $10,000 Community Rehab Grant Summary

Benewah Community Hospital helps many types of patients; however being a Critical Access Hospital in a Rural setting, we have an increased percentage of patient’s who work in the logging industry. Loggers endure 12 plus hour shifts, in all different types of terrain and weather. Mill workers physically operate heavy equipment with repetitive physical demands. In short, our patient’s require lots of physical stamina and strength. Our facility’s Physical Therapy Department sees a large majority of patients that have timber related injuries. BCH’s goal for our community is to create the best possible treatment plan, with the quickest recovery time for our patients. In order to achieve this goal, we desperately desire additional certifications for our other two Physical Therapists to better serve our community. Unfortunately, our current reality lacks funding. BCH’s Physical Therapy Department currently has one physical therapist who is ASTYM certified. ASTYM is a state-of-the-art treatment process that would greatly benefit our PT Department. With additional ASTYM certified Physical Therapists, we have the ability to treat additional patients. ASTYM is a lifetime certification that stays with the Physical Therapist. We greatly appreciate all the efforts and support from such a wonderful community.

Idaho Elks Association held its State Soccer Shootout this weekend at Legacy Park here in Mountain Home. 96 children were invited from across the state with 42 able to show and compete. At the core of all Elks Youth Activities Programs is the importance of providing fun filled, productive, character building activities for our youth.

Winners are as follows:

U8 Girls:

  • 1st Place Michelle T. from Mountain Home
  • 2nd Place Cydnee R. from Idaho Falls
  • 3rd Place Aurora V. from Mountain Home

U8 Boys:

  • 1st Place Christian D. from Mountain Home won tie breaker shootout against below
  • 2nd Place Luis T. from Blackfoot
  • 3rd Place Antrim from Idaho Falls

U10 Girls:

  • 1st Place Yaniss R. from Blackfoot
  • 2nd Place Haley B. from Lewiston won tie breaker shootout against below
  • 3rd Place Macey P. from Blackfoot

U10 Boys:

  • 1st Place Xavier G. from Idaho Falls
  • 2nd Place Charlie R. from Mountain Home
  • 3rd Place Daniel S. from Lewiston

U12 Girls:

  • 1st Place Jocelyn F. from Blackfoot won tie breaker shootout against below
  • 2nd Place Ceana F. from Mountain Home
  • 3rd Place Julissa F. from Blackfoot

U12 Boys:

  • 1st Place Nick R. from Mountain Home
  • 2nd Place Kohner D. from Idaho Falls
  • 3rd Place Anthony M. from Mountain Home

U14 Girls:

  • 1st Place Taylor C. from Idaho Falls
  • 2nd Place Kinnley D. from Idaho Falls
  • 3rd Place Natalia V. from Mountain Home

U14 Boys:

  • 1st Place Juan Q. from Idaho Falls
  • 2nd Place Orlando M. from Idaho Falls
  • 3rd Place Jacob H. from Mountain Home won tie breaker shootout

Good day fellow Elk's; little information for the state soccer shootout. It will be October 3, 2015 in Mountain Home at 10:30 a.m. at the soccer fields located in Legacy Park; with awards and lunch to follow at the lodge.  Please send your top 3 in each division.  If your lodge needs overnight lodging I need to know how many rooms and the names of the adult plus child to reserve it under by September 18th.  Also all Elk's are welcome to attend and support our youth.  Please let me know if your lodge is not participating this year also. When you have an estimated head count please let me know.  Email address is: cristenaford[at]yahoo[dot]com, cell 208-761-7237 if I don't answer please leave a message and I will return it in the evening.

Chairman Cristena Ford
Idaho State Elks Soccer
4629 Old Hwy 30 (home)
325 S 3rd W (lodge)
208-761-7237 (cell)

Elk’s Lodge #2276 Mountain Home, ID held its 6th annual golf tournament this past June at Desert Canyon Golf Course.  This year’s event rose over $11,000 with the majority of proceeds benefiting local youth. Mountain Home Junior Golf was selected as this year’s primary target group and received a donation of over $5800. This money was used to purchase youth golf learning system called SNAG. This program introduces kids to golf as early as the 3rd grade. The Elmore County Special Olympics received a donation of over $2900. This is the third consecutive year that a portion of the proceeds from the golf tournament has been donated to the Special Olympics. These funds are used for training, athletic competitions, and health screenings for Mountain Home High Hopes athletes. The remaining funds raised will allow the Elks to continue its important work within the community.


Since the registration forms for the 2015 Midwinter Convention will not be available until later in August/September, here is the lodging information for the convention:

While there are many hotels in the Idaho Falls area, the host hotel, The Hampton Inn (Idaho Falls/Airport on Lindsay Blvd.), has given us the best rate. To facilitate efficient shuttle service between the hotel and lodge, we are encouraging convention attendees to stay at the Hampton. We will provide shuttle service to other hotels as availability allows, giving those who stay at the Hampton priority.

When making reservations, it is important to note the following:
1. Call (208) 523-1400 and SELECT OPTION 0 (zero) or stay on the line (do not select option 1, as this is the nationwide reservation feature). Selecting "0" or staying on the line allows you access to the local property and they will be able to make your reservation.
2. Mention "State Elks Convention" for the convention rate ($94 plus applicable taxes per night for one king or 2 queens).
3. Convention rates are only good until October 15, 2015. After October 15, the rate may be higher.

Included with each room, is a full hot breakfast, pool, hot tub and business center available 24 hr/day. The amenities in all rooms include: hair dryer, microwave, small fridge, coffee maker, iron and ironing board. Rooms with roll-in showers and handicap accessible tubs are available; please specify when making reservations.

If you have other questions, please call Paula Fackrell (Convention Co-Chair) at (208)681-6838.